Hello, I’m Brigitte, your dedicated hypnosis facilitator.

Welcome to the soothing world of hypnosis with me, your trusted guide to inner transformation and self-discovery.

With a gentle and caring touch, I invite you to explore the limitless potential of your mind through the power of hypnosis.

As a compassionate and experienced hypnosis facilitator, I’m here to help you embark on a journey of self-improvement and personal growth.

With a calming presence and a friendly demeanor, I create a safe and nurturing space for your mind to wonder, discover, and heal.


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About Hypnosis

Discover the benefits and misconceptions of Hypnosis

Hypnosis works well with

  • Stress Reduction: Hypnosis can help individuals relax, manage stress, and find inner calm. It encourages a state of deep relaxation, reducing tension and anxiety
  • Reprograming of unserving beliefs: our belief systems can cure or kill us, hypnosis allows us the opportunity to reevaluate these beliefs and reprogram them in a healthy way.
  • Smoking Cessation: Many people have successfully quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy. It can address the subconscious cravings and associations that contribute to addiction.
  • Weight Management: Hypnosis can support healthy eating habits and weight loss by addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of overeating.
  • Pain Management: It is used as an adjunct to medical treatment to alleviate pain, especially in chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or during childbirth.
  • Performance Enhancement: Athletes, artists, and professionals may use hypnosis to improve focus, concentration, and overall performance.
  • Improved Sleep: Hypnotherapy techniques can assist those with insomnia or sleep disorders by promoting relaxation and better sleep patterns.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Hypnosis can boost self-esteem and self-confidence, helping individuals overcome self-doubt and achieve their goals.
  • Dealing with Fears Phobia and Anxiety Relief: Hypnotherapy is very effective in dealing with fear, phobias and anxiety disorders by helping individuals resolve and manage their fears in a safe and controled environment.
  • Habit Control: Hypnosis can aid in breaking unwanted habits, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling, or procrastination etc, by addressing the underlying triggers.
  • Past Trauma Resolution: Hypnotherapy can be a tool for individuals dealing with past trauma, helping them process and heal from emotional wounds.
  • Past Life Regression: Many people are curious about past lives as well as life between lives and spiritual journeys, hypnosis effectively allows us to explore these and deeper levels of spiritual dimensions
  • Spiritual Connection and Healing: Discovering your connection with your spiritual path is a vital factor in the growth of consciousness, these sessions bring healing, understanding and self development to your journey.
  • Pain Free Childbirth: women have been giving birth since the dawn of time this is a natural process and can be experienced with pleasure
  • Hypno Dontics: many people are deeply afraid of going to the dentest and this can cause emense anxiety for some people. Hypnodontic techniques allow us to percieve these experiences in beneficial way.
  • Exam Anxiety: often people report going blank or not being able to recall everything that has been studied. Hypnosis can assist to allow us to overcome this meaning we can experience exam or test situations with ease/
  • and many more: should you be unsure of how hypnosis can help you contact me and we can create a therapy plan that works for you


It’s important to note that while hypnosis can be beneficial for many people,  results can vary. It should always be performed by a trained and qualified practitioner .

Additionally, it is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment when needed. Always consult with a healthcare professional for serious mental or physical health concerns.

Hypnosis is always seen as a complimentary service to any healing modality you choose to follow meaning that hypnosis can be used to assist and work in conjunction with any therapy plan you already have in place.

The benefits of this complimentary working together means that you can begin to improve the quality of your life in whichever way is best suited to you and your highest good.

Ensure you choose a reputable Hypnosis Facilitator

When considering who to trust as your hypnosis facilitator, it’s important to ensure they’re affiliated with a respected governing body or Association.

Brigitte is a member in good standing with the South African Institute of Hypnotism.