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There are so many different misconceptions around Hypnosis, its often because of these hypnotic misconceptions that prevent many people from enjoying the benefits that Hypnosis has to offer…

Regrettably, this concern is widespread. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that hypnosis is a completely natural and safe state of mind. In reality, we naturally transition in and out of the hypnotic state every day when our brain waves slow down, leading us into the alpha or daydreaming state. During this transition, we have a unique opportunity to harness the power of our subconscious mind by providing it with instructions to aid in healing and bring about the positive changes we desire in our lives.

Unfortunately this is a common concern, However hypnosis is a natural and normal state of mind and very safe. In actual fact we enter in and out of the hypnotic state automatically every day when our brain waves slow down and we enter the alpha or daydreaming state we then have a wonderful opportunity to use this as a springboard into giving the subconscious mind instructions to assist us to bring healing or create the changes we are looking for in our lives.

Stage hypnosis is one facet of what we can do with the hypnostic state and is most likely what we think of first when the topic of hypnosis is mentioned and of course it has a use and a place in the world, and it is the job of the Stage Hypnotist to Entertain You. This is their main function to show the power of the mind through laughter.

Hypnosis for change is another facet of what we can do with hypnosis and hypnosis for change is used to gain understanding of your issues, howcome the issue is manefesting ,howcome you do the things you do, what keeps you in a sort of prision of your mind, as a hypnosis practitioners we then use this understanding to assist with powerful inner transformation allowing clients to set themselves free.

This is a question Hypnosis practitioners oten get askded and what is important to know is that ,ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF HYPNOSIS. Therefore You are always in control, A hypnosis practitioner can not make you do anything against your will. During the session there is usually an ongoing dialogue between the Hypnosis Practitioner and the client which means that You will be able to communicate with your Hypnosis Practitioner easily and remember everything that is important to your subconscious mind.

The Hypnotic state has no religion which means that all religions can enjoy the benefits. Hypnosis is simply a modality that allows the client to gain access to the subconscious mind to create the healing or change they are looking for.

Religious fear may also stop some people from experiencing and enjoying the benefits of the hypnotic state. However, throug client centered hypnosis practices the hypnosis facilitator guides  their client’s throgu specific techniques thereby assisting them with their change through and in line with their beliefs and desires.

Yes many people have a missinterpretation that hypnosis is a quick fix or short cut, to healing the issues in their life. In client centered hypnosis the therapy moves at a pace that suits the client which means that for some people it is possible to find solutions in as little as one or two sessions. Some People need a few more session before the subconscious mind is ready to release. Each client is unique and therefore so is every session..

YES, Everyone has the talent for experiencing the hypnotic state. Although a therapist may guide you into a state of Hypnosis and give you suggestions, you are always in control and have a choice as to wheather you would like to follow the suggestions or not.

In fact it may even surprise you to know that we all enter the hypnotic state at least twice a day. These are the times just before you drift off into sleep at night and just before you re-awaken in the morning. This easily explains how come Hypnosis is a perfectly normal and natural state of mind and confiming that All Hypnosis, IS, Self Hypnosis!

Therefore: Acessing a hypnotic state is in the control of the individual wishing to experience hypnosis!

As mentioned, the term Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy can sometimes elicit many different responses from people from all walks of life and therefore there are many different misconceptions surrounding hypnosis.

So here are few questions to ask yourself,

  • Have you ever driven to a destination and upon arrival, wondered how you got there or if you stopped at all the red traffic lights?
  • Have you ever become so involved in a book you were reading that the noises inside and outside the room seemed almost distant and when someone calls or talks to you it’s as if you don’t hear them at first?
  • Have you ever watched a movie and become so engrossed in the story that when something jumps out and the character on screen jumps and screams you jump and scream at the same time? Or cry when they cry, or laugh when they laugh? Etc…
  • Have you ever become so involved in a project for work or school or even a hobby that consumes you to the point where you lose track of time and when you become aware of the time you are astounded at the amount of time that has passed since you began.
  • Have you ever sat in a meeting or conference or lecture and looked out the window or drifted into what feels like your own world not really thinking of anything in particular just so wonderfully comfortable in the moment that you almost lose track of what is happening in the room?

Should you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions then…


Frequently Asked Questions...

All sessions are generally an hour an a half however Brigitte likes to budget two hours to ensure that there is enough time to gain the most benefits from the time together. 

Sessions start promptly at the appointed times.

Brigitte has session slots available from Monday to Friday and am available on weekends only when She is not assiting with or facilitating training or hosting group sessions.

In order to book your session it is advisable to contact Brigitte and a session can be scheduled that works best for you.

The answer to this question really depends on your reason for seeking therapy. Hypnosis covers a very wide range of issues. Many issues can be addressed successfully in just one session while others may require a few more sessions before change takes place. For this reason it is suggested that we start out with booking a minimum of 3 sessions.

This is very effective on many levels, Because in most cases the hypnotic state is unfamiliar to most people and therefore sometimes it is neccesary to have the hypnotic trained, one of the benefits of this is that the more often we enter into the hypnotic state consciously the easier and more familiar it becomes to enter, which increases the benefits of the session.

Also the therapy can be adjusted or more finely tuned to your particular needs, wants and desires. I like to explain to my clients that change is like constructing a building, we need to build good foundations in order for the building to stand strong.

The time span between sessions will naturally change depending upon the issues that need to be addressed. For maximum benefit, I like to space the sessions two to three weeks apart. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and for urgent specific matters, where we would need to work at a faster pace, the frequency of sessions would then be increased.

Although in many parts of the world, this may be possible, Medical Aid Societies in South Africa generally don’t pay for this type of service. The reason is simple and straight forward: Hypnosis is not seen as a medical procedure. Most Hypnosis practitioners won’t have a Medical Practice Number issued by the South African Government and Medical Aid Societies won’t pay without one.

How do I book a session?

I am unfortunatly not always able to answer the phone when you call as I am often in session. Therefore you can either send a message:

  • You can Click here to Book Now
  • Simply send a text message or what’s app on my mobile (+27-83-727-5562)
    • Your name
    • Contact number during the day
    • Details of you request
I look forward to facilitating successfull sessions with you.
Brigitte Bowles