About Brigitte

From a tender age, Brigitte has held a profound fascination for the world of hypnosis and the extraordinary capabilities of the human subconscious. The notion that all things are interconnected through a higher plane of consciousness has continually captivated Brigitte’s heart and mind for countless years.

Throughout her life journey, Brigitte has discovered a deep passion for a wide array of experiences, including the joy of reading, the therapeutic power of painting, and the art of crafting various creations. In those precious moments when she isn’t immersed in her work with clients, sharing her knowledge, or discussing the wonders of hypnosis, Brigitte seeks solace in quiet moments, cherishing these activities and many more.

In the year 2009, Brigitte achieved certification as a Hypnosis Practitioner through The South African Institute of Hypnotism, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey. Since then, she has tirelessly added a multitude of specialty certifications to her ever-growing list of qualifications.

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Specialty Certifications

Past Life Regresssion

This special qualification holds a special place in Brigitte’s heart, adding depth to her already diverse skill set.

Brigitte’s passion shines through when guiding these profoundly meaningful sessions. She approaches past life regression with a compassionate heart, viewing it as a precious opportunity for understanding, healing, and relief. Through this exploration, Brigitte believes we can gently unravel the patterns and obstacles woven into the fabric of our current lifetime, offering a path towards growth and liberation.

Group Sessions

With a steadfast commitment to compassion, Brigitte regularly leads group sessions and workshops, delving into a range of topics that touch lives in deeply meaningful ways:

She guides individuals in mastering stress management techniques in the workplace, offering practical tools for navigating challenging situations.

Brigitte fosters the practice of mindfulness within work environments, nurturing a culture of well-being and resilience.

She gently tends to the healing journey of the inner child, guiding participants towards profound self-compassion and emotional healing.

Brigitte unveils the transformative power of the relaxation response, guiding individuals towards deep states of serenity and inner peace.

She creates sacred spaces for connecting with guides and ancestors, enriching spiritual paths and fostering a deeper sense of connection.

And there’s so much more, for Brigitte’s compassionate spirit knows no bounds in her quest to uplift and support others on their journeys of growth and healing.



International Certifications


Parts Therapy Facilitator

This certification, bestowed by the Tebbits Foundation, represents a meaningful achievement for Brigitte. She deeply appreciates the profound benefits that these skills offer, as they empower her to assist individuals in resolving issues, finding peace, and restoring balance to aspects of their personalities that may have fallen into discord. Parts Therapy, in particular, stands as a remarkable tool for uncovering the underlying reasons behind inner conflicts that people may grapple with, ultimately guiding them towards healing and self-discovery.

Facilitator and Assistanct Facilitator Certifications



Since 2013, Brigitte has taken immense joy in her role as an assistant facilitator at the South African Institute of Hypnotism. Today, she not only continues in this capacity but has also taken on the role of co-facilitator, as well as Facilitator for the core curriculum training, actively guiding and supporting students  in their pursuit of certification. Her dedication shines through as she passionately imparts her knowledge of hypnosis to fellow therapists, helping them navigate the core and specialty SAIH curriculum on their path to becoming certified practitioners.


Other Qualifications

In addition to her esteemed title as a Hypnosis Practitioner, Brigitte proudly holds the titles of Reiki Practitioner and Bowen Therapist, all in recognition of her profound belief in the profound BODY MIND SPIRIT connection.

Brigitte has thoughtfully incorporated these two invaluable skill sets into her ever-expanding toolbox of expertise. These skills prove invaluable across a spectrum of sessions, whether they are of a more spiritual nature or centered on the management of pain, stress, and anxiety. In synergy with her hypnotherapy skills, these holistic abilities harmoniously combine to grant clients a deeper sense of self-understanding and guide them toward profound levels of healing.


Membership and Affiliations


Other Qualifications

Brigitte is in the process of affiliating with world wide hypnotic bodies such as the American Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association while she currently enjoys membership to the South African Institute of Hypnotisim