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Stress  the workplace

In today’s ever busy and stress driven corporate world, staff members are pushed to their creative and stress limits, which means that even the working environment can become very stressful.  Each of us as humans have the natural ability to engage with the Stress response, it is created within us as the mind and bodies way of alerting us to dangers and is therefore the stress response is actually a form of protection. However there is a difference between good and bad stress and understanding our stress response is a very important step to Knowing the difference between them. When we can work with this understanding then allows for more creativity in the work place.

In moments of stress a branch of the autonomic nervous system called the Sympathetic branch is activated. When this happens a chemical response within the body places the person in a state of high alert by activating and deactivating certain systems within the body in order to prepare us for action. In environments where the stress response is constantly present the person is therefore in a constant state of high alert meaning that, if prolonged, could have negative effects on the body and could cause symptoms like:

  • Accelerated Heartbeat
  • Rise in Blood Pressure
  • Adrenaline and Glucose released
  • The digestive system slows down or is switched off
  • And so much more…

Prolonged exposure to these and other symptoms leaves the body out of balance and can often lead to people feeling irritated or burned out, and in the long run this negative effect on the body could lead to various other health problems. This could possibly has negative effects on the corporate Eco systems.

Benefits of Hypnosis in Corporate Talks or Workshops

Hypnosis offers the opportunity to connect to the Parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. This branch is responsible for the rest and digest response which means that the body can be brought back into balance again. Hypnosis is effective for this because it engages in what is known as the Relaxation Response. This gives the body an opportunity to reset and recharge with valuable energy that is needed to function at optimal levels meaning that there are many benefits for the corporate Eco system.

Brigitte has developed an effective program that works with all levels of the corporate Eco system allowing for the company to become more relaxed and connected to more resourcefulness creating a sense of calm and peace in the work place.


I look forward to taking this life transforming journey with you.

I wonder how far you will allow yourself to explore the infinite wisdom of your powerful inner mind