Hello and welcome…

I am so excited to share with you the years of knowledge and experiences from the world of hypnosis.

So many times when the question “what do you do for a living?” comes up in conversation and I naturally reply “I’m a Hypnosis Practitioner” almost always people shy away maybe even looking up at the incredible cloud formations that have suddenly become so interesting or instantly looking down at their shoes as if there is something really fascinating about their toes right at that very moment, completely avoiding my eyes and it always makes me smile inwardly because it simply shows just how much mystery and misinformation is still around about the subject of hypnosis. Even in today’s information age where most of what you want to know is right at your fingertips. This is something I would like to see change because the more people I can share how hypnosis can assist them to heal long held issues and traumas and the benefits of hypnosis with… the better.

Hypnosis as a modality assists people to utilize their own natural ability to deeply relax while allowing them to drift into their own internal space, quite similar to those moments just before falling asleep and while guided by the facilitator the client has an opportunity to release negative and unwanted behaviours such as smoking, anxieties, fears or phobias etc. Hypnosis can also assist clients to begin perceiving life’s events in new and more empowering ways, by extracting the learnings from the experience or even exploring more spiritual connections or Past Life experiences, should this fall into the clients belief system of course, or maybe utilizing hypnosis to manage chronic pain, which means that these naturally beneficial effects are available to everyone and as a hypnosis facilitator I am humbled and honoured to facilitate what is sometimes an incredibly profound life altering experience for my clients.