Hypno Birthing


Firstly congratulations during these exciting times, Hypno Birthing is one of my specialties and I am always honoured to facilitate this process.  Baby is almost here for you and this is often the scariest moment of the pregnancy because baby needs to come out soon and this is one of the benefits of Hypno-birthing as it facilitates relaxation methods and assists with the anxiety and stresses that are associated with birthing.

I do not know yet if this is your first baby or perhaps little one has siblings either way this is a lovely choice to have a relaxed birth. Although I do like to start the process a little earlier in the pregnancy however sometimes we get lost in the normal getting ready aspects of preparing for baby and only give thoughts to the birth in the last moments which is normal and I have a guideline below that will allow us to create a wonderful plan that suits you and your needs

With Hypno-birthing we easily establish a quick bond with the little one which assists with a more relaxed birth and reinforces the fact that the baby is loved by both parents building positive affirmations and emotions within the baby in the womb already which has a positive effect on the babies future,

As well as building and reinforcing a positive birth belief and cover any concerns as well as teach Mom some self-hypnosis to easily enter the relaxed state making it easier to enter into when the time comes to deliver, which ensures that everyone is ready for the big day,  we can also include the birthing partner to assist mom with relaxation techniques when the big day arrives.

The process is a beautiful one and I will assist the whole way through there is also some continued practice for mom to do at home in between sessions to assist herself to connect with the little one building this bond and mastering the relaxed state and self-hypnosis,

Should you decide you would like to go ahead with the Hypno-birthing now  then I recommend that we follow a simple process that I will lay out here and because I am not sure what your experience with hypnosis is it means we can tailor to suit your experiences

Initial Session (2 Hours)

During this session we discuss hypnosis, the misconceptions and your fears concerns and your wants needs and beliefs around pregnancy as well as any previous birthing experiences and any anxieties or worries you may have with the birth etc, this way I can get a clearer idea on how to tailor suggestions as well as work in line with your belief system which is very comforting for most people. We will also have a pleasant experience with hypnosis and look at building a deeper emotional connection to the little one as well as set you up for success during future sessions


Follow Up Sessions (1 and Half Hour)

During these sessions I will teach and reinforce self- hypnosis, which means you will easily be able to enter the hypnotic state which is most beneficial and we will continue to build the connection with baby as well as work with coping skills and tools for the big day assisting your body to naturally do what the body is naturally built to do. We seldom give our bodies enough credit for the incredible capacity to give life, maintain life and sustain living.

Because the big day is right around the corner I would recommend we do the first session soon then a follow up a week later and then a follow up every second week or third week after that, this we can play with according to your needs as we go along.


I look forward to taking this life transforming journey with you.

I wonder how far you will allow yourself to explore the infinite wisdom of your powerful inner mind