Online Sessions

Online Session  Guidelines

Online sessions follow a similar structure as the One on One sessions however they are facilitated online mainly over the zoom platform. However another platform such as Google meet etc. can be arranged before the sessions continue. Brigitte often prefers to facilitate the initial session face to face however understands that this may not necessarily be easily done because she has enjoyed and successfully facilitated many online sessions with clients from all over the globe.

Once an online session has been confirmed and booked Brigitte will send you a link to the meeting on the preferred platform and then on the scheduled date and time we can meet and facilitate the session.

Considerations for Online Sessions

  • Sessions start promptly at agreed upon time
  • Ensure your environment is as noise free as possible. I.e. family and friends are aware that you will be unavailable for the duration of the session and to keep the noise levels to minimums so as not to disturb you.
  • Consider wearing ear phones to keep noise levels to minimums
  • Consider putting your phone on aeroplane mode or off to avoid distractions during session
  • Ensure you have some tissues and perhaps a blanket if the weather is chilly
  • Ensure you are able to support the phone without holding it in your hands should you be connecting via your phone


Session 1

The Initial session allows us to fully discuss the issue and how it is manifesting in your life. During this session we cover all the hypnotic misconceptions and allow you an opportunity to experience hypnosis in a positive way. During this session we build on the resources you already have to assist us with the issue beginning to chip away at the problem on a symptomatic level.  Most people find resolution at this level and this is phenomenal however others may need to look deeper or become more prepared and practiced with the hypnotic state which is how come we have the second session.

Session 2

Each time we enter into a hypnotic state we are easily able to go even deeper into the subconscious mind and it means then that in the second session we have a wonderful opportunity to either look a little deeper at the issue or use this session to continue to work on the symptomatic level of the mind.  Should we continue with looking at the deeper levels of the issue we continue by working with the issues dynamics meaning we gain understanding of the inner conflict it causes in your life and often most people most of the time find resolution at this level others however need to look deeper which is how come we have the third session.

Session 3

Whether this is a follow up from the previous session or taking the issue to the next level of the mind either way the next level we work on is the root cause level therefore this session allows us to look at the much deeper levels of the subconscious mind. During this session we take an even deeper look into the subconscious mind at the core of the issue levels and at this point most people find resolution and utilize more sessions to either work on other issues or look forward to working on the new changes to improve their lives.

Follow UP Sessions

Due to the high levels of stress we often find ourselves living in some people find benefits in these sessions because the follow up sessions are a great opportunity to expand your experience with hypnosis to assist you with either going into a deeper experience or simply to add value to the process or simply train your brain to allow you into deeper levels of hypnosis.

These sessions are easily slotted into your own personal program should you either request them or if they are evidently needed for your process. This way the process fits you and your needs perfectly and every journey allows your subconscious potential to grow and unfold as you grow in your understanding and gain even more benefit from your experience.