Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression or Souls Journey or Spiritual Connections

Past Life, Life between Lives or Soul Journeys are one of the most humbling experiences to facilitate. Due to its popularity there are many hypnosis practitioners who facilitate these sessions for clients, and each facilitator works in accordance to their own beliefs and training.

With great thanks and appreciation to the pioneers such as Michael Newton or Brian Weis we have a wonderful way to utilize hypnosis to explore past lives or even the Soul Journey. Without their investigation, we could not have made the leaps and bounds in healing our Souls the way we have over the last few years. Their investigation has lead us to finding client centred approaches to past life that allows the client to explore the world of spirit within their own reference.

It is a common belief through many religions that we go through many life times to learn certain Soul lessons and we can possibly repeat these lessons until we learn what we need to learn in order for our Souls to grow in understanding. However, some people also believe that past life memories are stored on a cellular level giving rise to the popular belief of cell memory while others believe Past Life Regression is simply a great Metaphor of the mind. Either way a Past Life Regression experience could be very cathartic and could perhaps answer some of those deep questions lingering in the background of our experience.

There are many reasons for people to look into past life regression, such as:

  • Uncovering and resolving repeating life patterns
  • Understanding your life purpose
  • Understanding connections to certain people in your current life
  • Release of Karma
  • Understanding certain connections and passions to places and time periods of the world
  • Healing the past to enjoy more freedom in the future

Past Life Regression Program

Brigitte is highly passionate about facilitating Past Life Regression sessions and is humbled to be in a position to facilitate what is often a very profound experience for this reason Brigitte likes to set her clients up for the most success possible and to do this she has developed a program that allows an opportunity to gain the most benefits from your time together.

This program consists of two sessions because some people do not have previous experience with hypnosis therefore this is most beneficial.

Session 1

In the first session, while being an introductory session it means Brigitte has an opportunity to gather as much information as possible as to what the reasons for your desiring a past life regression are and whether it is for any of the above mentioned reasons or perhaps something else either way while the list for reasons is possibly endless this session allows Brigitte to have a better understanding of how to best assist you in line with your desires the added benefits from the introductory session is a clear understanding of the misconceptions surrounding hypnosis. Perhaps one of the best benefits from this session is the fact that you have a positive experience with hypnosis which means you have an opportunity to feel what hypnosis is in your body simply because a felt experience is sometimes more powerful than knowledge and in this way preparing you for the second session.

However should you already be familiar with the hypnotic state then you have an opportunity to gain the most from your time together as you can then explore to see how far you are ready to explore through this experience.

Session 2

During the second session we are able to go deeper quicker and faster into the hypnotic state because of how the mind works and this is very effective for you to gain the best possible experience while we are able to more effectively enter into the past life regression and or soul journey.

Should you have achieved a past life experience in the first session you could choose to gain the most benefits from the experience by utilizing this opportunity to clear out more karma or strengthen your connection to soul / source or create more healing or simply explore home / the other side, whichever is best for you and your journey


Spiritual Sessions

Following a similar program as above Brigitte is highly passionate about facilitating Spiritual sessions.

No matter your belief system these sessions are incredibly powerful in reconnecting you to that in which you believe as well as strengthening or healing this connection as well as learning from it in whichever way is needed for your journey.

Some of the more common reasons for taking the spiritual journey are:

  • Balancing / Opening / Clearing Chakra System
  • Connecting to Spirit / Guides / Angels / Spirit Helpers / Masters / Higher Wisdom / Source or even Loved Ones who have made the journey Home.
  • Balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energy Bodies
  • Healing
  • Understanding and Spiritual Growth
  • Becoming Spiritually Resourceful
  • Cleansing and Clearing your personal Energy field.
  • Forgiveness / Healing / Guidance
  • etc.