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Hypnosis is a modality that has the beneficial effects of deep relaxation which means that these beneficial effects are available to everyone and we could build a therapy plan best suited for you and your needs. People often ask how many sessions they would need and below is the general guideline of how the sessions work.

The truth is that because each person is unique and perceives their world through their own perceptions, I cannot limit anyone in any way and would hate to deprive or hold anyone back from discovering their own ability to grow and perhaps create their change in order to become a better version of themselves.  While there are many different levels to the subconscious mind, I cannot say how many sessions each person would need because I never know whether the issue is in the lighter symptomatic levels or the middle inner conflict levels or the deeper root cause levels of the subconscious mind. It is for this reason that I recommend that any client’s journey starts with an understanding that the therapy plan is then built around each person’s individual needs. I also recommend that 3 sessions be the first stepping stone and this being said some clients may need more while other may need less and on average over the years it has proven most effective to budget for a min of three sessions for maximum impact and benefits. This allows us a variety of benefits such as allowing for calibrating on a client’s resourcefulness and secondly this also serves to build up the inner resourcefulness needed in order to follow through more successfully with a plan that is just right for each client meaning we build the resources to allow us to go into the deeper levels of the mind more easily.

Each session is an hour and a half long however I like to budget for two hours to ensure there is enough time to gain the most benefits from the session, weekend sessions are sometimes interesting because most weekends I am booked to facilitate training and when I’m not training, weekends are normally booked out months in advance.

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